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Dr. John McMillen grew up in the American Midwest.  While living on welfare at the age of 5, his mother commuted 100 miles a day to attend college, earned her degree, and started teaching others about the importance of education.

Following her example, Dr. McMillen received four college degrees (Ph.D. and Master's in Educational Administration, Law Degree, and Bachelors in Psychology with minors in English, Philosophy, and Business).  John is a college professor who has presented around the world.  He specializes in helping others improve their life.

Dr. Rebecca McMillen is from Sydney, Australia.  She has five college degrees (Ph.D. in Education, Master's degrees in Art Administration and Education, and two Bachelor degrees in Art History and Nursing).

Rebecca is a wife, mom, professor, speaker, leader, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping overwhelmed professional moms manage their busy, stressed-out lives.

John and Rebecca live in California with their two daughters whom they adopted from foster care at the ages of 6 and 12.

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